Saturday, November 22, 2008

To all my friends who just LOVE Wal-Mart especially at Christmas!

Shaun and I just got back from a quick trip to Wal-mart, but oh was it lovely! He is the opposite of me though, can't stand the crowds and the commotion. But when it comes to Christmas I just love the hustle and bustle (and of course I love Wal-mart on any day actually!) It was so nice to get out, especially because I hardly left the house this week, not feeling great, but today was better, and so I wanted to hit one of my favorite stores!

But just for the record, it is MUCH better to "really" shop alone! or with someone who likes to go painfully slow through the store looking at every last aisle! Shaun is NOT that person! He wants in and out in a flash :)

Anyways, it was a good evening out. But church comes early in the morning, so I must hit the sack for the night!

Oh, and 4 weeks from this Monday, and I'll be back in Halifax for Christmas! Can't wait.

Thanks Lindsay!

Well, every time I read Lindsay Miller's blog, I see that on her "blog list" area, it would show up when each blog had been last updated, which is a fantastic idea, because then you don't have to keep randomly checking every blog. It actually tells you when a blog has been updated.

But my blog was not doing this automatic update. So I emailed Lindsay to find out it's a "new update" you can do (and probably when I started my blog it didn't exist). So, I just went to my blog list, and re-entered all my sites to the "new blog" section. Now, it automatically updates my page, and what a time saver!

I would recommend taking the few minutes to switch over your blog addresses too! It's a bit of a pain to have to retype them all in, but hey, when it's done, it's awesome!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random things I like!

This is an aromatherapy pillow spray (lavender) called "Sleep" - hence helps you sleep if you spray it over your pillow. I have been doing this every night and I must say, it really helps! Very calming or something. I bought it at Bath & Body.
This is Diana's idea. She told me I should have a junk bowl with healthy snacks so you can just grab one if you're in a pinch. It works very well. I have in this bowl apple sauce, granola bars, fruit snacks, raisins, etc, and since they are easily accessible on the counter, I grab one instead of something bad like chocolate!
Oh, and this is just a book I'm starting to read. Shaun has heard many great things about it, and since we are both first born, he ordered it. Should be an interesting read.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Miss Katherine

A bit of snow!

Started snowing at supper time today. Yesterday we got a ton of big snow flakes (but it didn't stay!)
This was out my front door.

More at Walt & Amy's

Amy, Joanne & I - what a trio!
"Pastor Shaun" & Katherine! She just loves him.

Walt & Amy's

Lauren & I (Lauren is Jeff & Joanne's daughter).
Nichole & I (Walt & Amy's daughter).
Heather & Katherine
Katherine & I - she was so soft and snuggley!

More at Joanne's

Little Miss Katherine with her Ipod!
Heather & Katherine attacking me with hugs! (Katherine is Joanne's daughter, and Heather is Amy's daughter).
There are my girls!
Joanne with Heather, "lolling!"
Heather with her Mom.

Supper at Joanne's

Shaun is showing Joanne his technique with gravy.
This is their HUGE Christmas tree!
Joanne & Katherine
Joanne's home made rolls! They are delicious!
Miss Katherine making her own little rolls. What a cutie!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Piano & Excellent Kitchen Gadget!

Just a photo of my keyboard where I teach piano, and all my jazz!
I put little stickers on some of the notes so the kids can remember where they are. I have 6 students right now, and they are too cute. All beginners, between the ages of 3 - 6.
OK, here is the most amazing kitchen gadget! Marni introduced it to me before we moved to ON. I'm sure many of you have seen these, but if you haven't, you must purchase one. You put liquid soap in the handle, and then when you scrub dishes, it gets soapy, without necessarily putting soap in the sink. I use it mainly to quickly wipe off dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, or occasionally if I have to wash just one dish, I will just use this, instead of filling the sink with soap. I didn't realize how much I enjoy this until I had thrown out the scrub part (because it was getting too old), but had not yet replaced it. I went a week without it, and mentioned it every day.

More Christmas Decorations!

Candles in the window..and lights on the outside railing - Shaun has to pick up one more set.
Wreath on our front door.
Kitchen...hmm..why is this picture in there? Maybe because of the Christmas candles :)

Christmas is in the Air!

Shaun & I took a few hours today and got the house ready for Christmas!
Some decorations.
Our tree in the background.
Our tree.


I zoomed in my camera - this is to the right of our house...way across our "what used to be corn field". They have horses which you can see in the picture.
That is directly behind our house. Again, all been harvested, so it's looking pretty bare!
The "used to be corn field". GONE!
The "baby room" is all cleaned out, from when the Slauenwhite's visited! Now it just stores the vacuum cleaner and a few things. Much better!
Shaun put up our Christmas lights on the house last night! Looking good Shaun!

Odds and Sods!

Shaun brought me these flowers when I got back from Halifax!
These pictures are in the wrong order, but below is the front of the card I got in the mail. It says: "Know What Day This Is?" And then on the inside above, it says, " Me Neither!". This was an adorable card I got in the mail from a little girl at church. She wrote to say she missed me wile I was in Halifax this past Sunday! Too cute. Made my day :)

Shaun working hard putting the lights on the tree.
It's a small tree though! It looked quite big in our little family room when we lived on Bruce Drive in NS, but in this huge family room, it looks like a little Charlie Brown tree!

Didn't Know I was a Hair Dresser Did You?

This is the AFTER picture. P. Julia just wanted a quick trim of her bangs, because she couldn't wait for a couple weeks until her hair cut. I think they turned out pretty good!
She was quite scared...and I didn't help by occasionally saying "OPPS!"
Don't worry P. Julia! You are in good hands!
Rick got out both cameras and starting going camera happy!
What a trooper!

Trip to Halifax!

My Dad and I! Love this picture by the Christmas tree!
Mom & I by the tree!
Aww, Mother and Daughter.
My picture, just before I walked out the door to head to the airport. Not sure why this loaded sideways. It was straight up and down when I exported it from IPhoto. Strange!