Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shaun's 31st Birthday!

I brought in balloons, banners, donuts and coffee in to the church office.

And there's the birthday boy! He's getting up there now!

Shaun's 31st Birthday!

Michelle, bringing in goodies for Shaun at the office!
Aww! Happy Birthday Shaun!
Rosanne (the boss of the office!) made cake! Yummy!
Pastor Brent on his way out to the main office for cake! He looks scared!

P. Nathan & Tom join in on the excitement.

Nathan & Mandy's New House!

Mandy & I - what a pair!

Nathan & Mandy's New House!

Pastor Nathan & Mandy's new home! We are SO happy for them!
In the entry way.
Nathan & Mandy - what a cute pair!
Baby's room, where I was ripping wall paper off the wall!

Mandy is just a tiny bit to short for this TALL clothesline!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beach Night & Games!

Oh dear - this silly hat Shaun put on my head!
Joanne & I! She is drenched because she didn't wear her bathing suit because she didn't think she'd be swimming, but then got thrown in the water! Jeans and all!
Nichole, Lauren & I (drying off from the beach!)
We played Settlers, (Shaun and I played for the first time!) and I WON!! haha you can imagine my excitement!
Lauren & I

Beach Night after VBS!

Joanne, Katherine and I getting ready for the beach!
Conner and Lauren - they brought the trampoline!
Amy & Christopher
Nichole & Lauren

Nichole & I

Bethel Camp with the YOUTH!

Taylor & Nichole being silly girls!
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!
Sarah & Mandy
P. Nathan trying to get Sarah to go talk to a group of boys!! and she did! for $5!

Bethel Camp with the YOUTH!

Taylor being camera shy (and Jocelyn!)
Mandy, Michelle, Luisa & Rebecca
Tom & Mandy - TOMMY GUN!
Mandy & I (and Baby Hill!)

Luisa & Mandy

VBS Pictures!

Hi All!

Below I have posted many pictures from our VBS, as promised! I will have a few more to add shortly, when I get them from a friend. They are pictures of the decorating, etc, in the Sanctuary, which was pretty neat. Everyone did such a good job!

Hard to believe VBS is over! Now, onto the next project, but we are loving every minute!

S & M

VBS Week!

Pastor Shaun!
Taylor and I


Shaun, Amy and I - this year's theme was POWER LAB! We had great fun!
Katherine - what a cutie!
Mandy and I! Best of friends :)
Shaun and I

We had amazing signs made from Sojourn! Loved them! They turned out great!

VBS BBQ & Carnival (and VBS pics!)

On the Sunday, following VBS, we had a BBQ/Carnival and had tons of carnival games and booths for the kids! This was one of the bouncing castles, with a water slide!
This picture is from the last day of VBS, when I had arranged for a plate of whip cream, etc, to be made up to put in Shaun's face! The kids loved it. P. Nathan did the honors and then we had the fire truck in the background spray all the kids for water day! We were drenched!
And it's in the face!
Sarah & I
Rosanne, Amy and I (We have few pictures of children from VBS or activities, because we are not allowed to post pictures without parents' permission).

More Carnival!

Choo Choo! Driving in the train.
Shaun is tackling the dunk tank!

One of the bouncing castles!

More train pics!