Saturday, February 21, 2009


Aww, me and my Dad..their last night visiting us :(

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Parent's Visit!

My Mom took this, making sure I am using good posture at the computer :)
Oh ya, my cool Dad!
And my beautiful Mom...hardly awake!

My Parent's Visit!

Dad getting my computer set up!

Mandy holding Ben at our Valentine's Dinner at our place.

Parent's Visit

Holding Ben..Pastor Brent & Karen, and Pastor Nathan & Mandy were over for a Valentine's Dinner, with my parents.
At dinner.
At the St. Louis Arena

More of my Parent's Visit

St. Louis Arena - hockey game. So much fun!

Haha, my Dad, before he headed out to the church to play hockey with Shaun, and the boys. He does this pose and says, "is that gum on my shoe??"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mich-Mandy-Ben Visit :)

Isn't he a cutie!
Aww..I was trying to take these pictures while holding him.

Saturday with Danielle & Ryan in Toronto!

Haha, had to take a picture of the bathroom in the mall! That is the sink..well it's like a glass that the water runs over. So cool. Of course, I had to wait til the bathroom cleared, so I didn't look like an idiot taking a picture of the sink :)
Dinner at Baton Rouge...(Di, does this make you jealous or what!)

Bowling & Dinner

Danielle & Ryan making faces :)
Shaun & I outside "Baton Rouge" downtown Toronto! We took them there because it has to be our favorite restaurant.
Danielle & I
Shaun bowling :)

Yes, ok, I struggled with the "BIG" bowling balls!! I have not bowled in years, and I am used to the smaller balls, not the one big ball with the holes in it. So, I tried bowling properly..and that didn't work. So I resorted back to my childhood ways..ball between the knees LOL.


Danielle mid air!
Cute couple!
Getting ready to bowl.

At the mall.

Then Toronto with Danielle & Ryan

At the bowling alley!
At the mall.
Oh yes..this was funny actually. Right after this picture..I had a gum wrapper I needed to throw out, and for some reason Ryan's double cup..made me think that Danielle had given him her cup, and that both of them were empty. So I go and throw my wrapped in the cup Ryan was holding..not realizing it was still half full! LOL We had a good laugh over that. Danielle fished out the wrapper so he could continue drinking.

I've missed Danielle so was so great to see her!

Niagara Falls Trip

The Canadian side of the Falls.
American side.
View from our hotel room.

Eating breakfast at the Hilton..33rd floor.

Niagara Falls Trip

On the 33rd floor of the Hilton, for breakfast.
Entrance to the restaurant.
Inside the restaurant.
View from above!


New bedroom curtains.

Cooking a chicken in our rotisserie machine for the first and last time! LOL It was tasty, but messy to clean we decided that paying the extra few dollars to buy one already cooked would be worth the we sold the machine on kijiji the next day for $40!
Dessert I made for company..marble cake...tried to make it look fancy with the chocolate and caramel drizzle but hey, really, it's made from a box mix! LOL