Monday, September 13, 2010

Pregnancy Pics!

22 weeks

Pregnancy Pics!

22 weeks
22 weeks
21.5 weeks
21.5 weeks
20 weeks

Yummy Food & More!

Joanne made us delicious bacon sandwiches last night after church. Here is Shaun stuffing a HUGE sandwich in his mouth!
And as for me, I FINALLY decided to trust Jeff's suggestions, and tried a bacon and cheese whiz sandwich! I have said for years that I hate cheese whiz, and that it's practically plastic. But I have to say, DELICIOUS!
Then he made me try graham crackers with peanut butter. And again, I have always said I hate graham crackers..but they were DELICIOUS too!
Here is the bacon and cheese whiz sandwich.
Picture after a busy, but fun day!

A "Differnt kind of cell"

A very neat "home-school" project that Conner & Katherine made! They certainly understand the concepts of "cells" now!

Toronto Trip - Meeting up with Di & Paul

Dinner out with Di & Paul. It was great to meet them in Toronto, before they headed away on vacation.

Walking downtown Toronto.

Youth trip to Pelee Island

An hour before the youth were leaving for Pelee Island, we heard they needed a few extra leaders. So we decided to go! Had a blast :)
They do a "Survivor" night. Here is the area being set up.

Before heading over on the ferry.
Girls having fun!