Saturday, May 30, 2009


The NET is a youth outreach event, that is organized once a month. Last night was "Battle of the Bands" and "Karaoke". This is Taylor and Rachael. Always posing:)

Rachael & I!
Taylor & I!
And my man :)


Jennifer & Lauren getting ready to do a song :)
Pastor Mitch..tried to get a pic..he did a crazy karaoke song last night which was pretty hilarious!
Me, taking a pic of Taylor taking a pic of Rachael!
Taylor and I :)

Shaun :)

Haha, always a funny face. This was at Club House on Wednesday. We had 70 kids..and had an amazing time!

Katherine & Ben!

They are too cute!!
Aww, Ben reaching for her face!

Pastor Nathan & Mandy's Ordination Service/Party!

Katherine has LOTS of balloons!

We are all so proud of them!
Cutting the cake!
Beautiful Taylor!

Open House for our EGCC Church Family!

Ken & Rita!
Al & Gigi!

Open House at our place for our EGCC church family!

Hanging out outside on the deck.
Jarod :)
Alisha :)
Food was ready...just waiting for people to arrive! We had BBQ'd hotdogs, caramel apple dip & apples (Joanne's recipe), natcho dips, fruits, veggies, french vanilla cake, brownies, chips and dip, homemade chocolate chip cookies and more!

Shaun's Baseball Game in Essex

Diana Little and I. Two peas in a pod!
The clan watching the game.
Shaun signed up for the church team last month. He's really loving it. They play every Monday through the spring and summer, against other teams.
There's my man!


Little Ben hanging out with me at the desk I've been using lately. He's on the phone with the weather network! LOL

We match! Even down to the shoes!
These are the shoes I bought in Florida.


Playing Ping Pong, and yes, Mom won every time!

Mom, pretending to fall in the pool..for some reason!
Me and Dad..hanging out by the pool.


Cool Dad :)
We had so much fun!

Haha, we came up with a different pose!

More Florida Pics

Busy on the phone and computer..probably figuring out plans for the next day :)