Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guitar Hero Videos!

Moving Day!

Moving day begins!
Oh dad, it's not that heavy! haha He kept trying to leave the heavy ones for Paul!
Like I mentioned!
Family Pic!

There is the truck, loaded and ready to rock! They left this morning!

BBQ at Diana & Paul's

BBQ at Di's gone bad! Haha Paul was BBQ'ing when we noticed smoke flying through the windows! But hey, nothing was burnt! Tasted yummy!
This is Diana questioning Paul's techniques!
Mmm mussels!
Oh boys, don't pretend you only ate one at a time!
Girl Power!

Guitar Hero & Farewell Party!

Diana is teaching Mom guitar hero! She is becoming addicted!
Oh ya, the play off!
P. Julia gave us a beautiful picture to remember Spectrum Kids by at our Farewell Party!


One of my favorite girls from back in my EPA school days! Love to keep in touch with her.
At a picnic!
Papa Knowles! Love you!
We all took Mom & Dad out for their 30th Anniversary!

This was a card Diana got them - labeled the four of them (Mom, Dad, Paul and herself), laying on chairs, as they will do on their cruise in August! (Well, maybe not so much in bathing suits in Alaska!)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

More family pics!

Morgan loves a phone!
Proud Nanny!

Poppy trying to talk to Morgan through the remote! haha
Andrew, Morgan, Boyd & Barb

Other pics with Family

Out for Dinner with Di & Paul at Steak & Stein (per Paul's request, craving all dressed potatoes!)

Morgan, (Andrew & Sherri's daughter, Andrew is Shaun's cousin).
Nanny Slauenwhite taking Morgan for a ride in her walker!
Poppy was feeling pretty good today which was great to see!

More Father's Day Pics

Di & Paul!
Friends for life (Paul looks so unimpressed!)
Mom needing some help with the menu choices without her glasses!
Father, posing, thinking about his wonderful life as a Father! 
The Big Happy Clan!  What a great day together!

Father's Day Pics!

We went to Salty's and it was divine!
Pic on the waterfront!

The BEST Mom & Dad in the world!
Shaun and I

More Spa Pics!

Wow!  That was nice!  But we couldn't take the heat too long, and had to get out!
My Dad was very cute.  He had bought us all these spa packages at Christmas.  When we arrived, there were 3 roses there from him with a card that said, "To my Princess, Little Princess & Tiny Princess, enjoy your special day together!"  So sweet!
Queen Bee!

Mother-Daughters Day at the Spa!

Breakfast at Smitty's before the Spa!
Getting ready for that hot tub!
Divine relaxation!

Beautiful river below the whirl pool!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lunch out with the GREATEST Dad!

My Dad took me out to Swiss Chalet today!  Our last Father-Daughter Lunch before we move.
Very proud of my Dad!  He has lost 22 pounds!  This is him calculating out his weight loss!
Ok, now he's getting really into this!  He's writing out for me his start weight, how much he lost, how much he will lose, and finally, his goal, to be 176, the same weight he was on June 17, 1978 when he got married!  Only 13 pounds away!  Go Dad!
Proud as he should be!  And he had to get his watch taken in because it was falling off and giving him a bruise on his hand from dancing too much at church! haha
OK, embarrassing!  Here's his "Do I have gum on my shoe?" weight loss pose!