Saturday, October 17, 2009

Girls Dinner Out!

We had a lovely dinner together, and went to a movie.

Spa, Babies, Movies & More!

Nanny & I getting our nails done together :) This was her FIRST time EVER getting nails done professionally! She was too cute.
You enjoy it Nanny!
Holding baby Kyle - what a cutie! This is Cordell and Charlene's baby.
Diana taking her turn.
Sarah & I at the movies! I love taking Sarah out when I come to town. I know her from the school I used to work at.

Mom's Birthday Dinner!

Dad, Mom, Diana, Paul, Me, Nanny
Our waitress making our delicious ceasar salad right in front of us!
Mom, crying while reading my card :)
Mom & Dad

Me & Nan

For My Essex Friends - Pictures of Halifax

Citadel Hill - huge hill in Halifax, with lots of history. You can't see hardly any of the hill in this picture though.
Beautiful ocean - well an inlet off the harbour.
Beautiful Dalhousie, where I went to University!
Loved it!

For My Essex Friends - Pictures of Halifax

Harbour and waterfront.
Boats at the waterfront.
The famous Harbour Hopper! It rides on land, and then also turns into a boat. Great thing for tourists.

For My Essex Friends - Pictures of Halifax

Condos downtown.
Halifax Seaport - where all the cruise ships come in.
Pier 21
A cruise ship docked. Last week, there were apparently 12,000 tourists from the ships!

For My Essex Friends - Halifax Pictures!

Downtown Halifax
Where my Mom works.
Where my sister works.
This was taken on the way into work in the morning with my Mom.
On the highway.

Girls night at Di's

Brittany, felt compelled to windex a mirror that we hadn't gotten to yet!
Britt & I - bonding again in Diana's big chair. We do this often :)
Di & Gab

Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's

My Family
My cousin Jonathan - we're all FORCING him to give me a hug!!! A "good" hug!!
3 generations
Papa Knowles, my Dad's dad.

Halifax - At Rock Church!

Glad to see the Beattie boys! I used to babysit these guys :) Hard to believe!
Little Lincoln, took a moment to grab the phone from the Sanctuary, and have a chat with hmm???
Sisters :)

Halifax - At Rock Church

Diana & Libby doing a "high five!"
Lincoln & Di
Jess, CJ & I - Shaun don't you love CJ's bright shirt???
The Jr. Stomp group at church performing a number :) So cute!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Moving Day at Di's - Day 2

OK, really, there was lots of "work" being done, but of course the picture taking only occurred on breaks! This is Di chowing down on delicious brownies.
Dad, measuring everything precisely to hang mirrors, paintings, etc.

Moving Day at Di's - Day 2

OK, so we had to take breaks! This was after I had just finished laughing insanely! So I look a little spaced out :)
Paul working hard.
Dad & Diana
Dad & his girls :)
A view of their family room - still some organizing and rearranging to do, but you get the idea. It's an open concept with the kitchen/dining room. Very lovely :)