Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September Already??!!

Well, if you are like me, you can't believe that September is here already! Life goes by so fast! I can already see Christmas..weeks away. Our Christmas Musical arrived today, so I was busily working on that, and envisioning the final production in just 11 weeks! But I love every minute of it. The kids do such a great job, and I love getting those creative juices flowing!

Life here in Essex is getting back into a regular routine. We are looking forward to an amazing year!

Shaun's parents are coming for a visit in October, and I am also going to Halifax in October to visit with my sister. Then Shaun and I will be going to Halifax for a week or so at Christmas, so that will be nice.

We are still loving it here in Essex. What a great place to be, work, live and enjoy!

I will post a few pictures this week. I have to be honest, I haven't been too "camera" happy lately..I guess I've been forgetting to capture every moment, but I will try to get back to that!

Until next time,

PS: Hi Lauren! I heard you read my blog, and were patiently waiting for a new entry, so this one was for you!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Good-bye Mom!

At the airport.
Mom flew in and out of London, with cheap flights!

We had a great time. Come back soon!

Pedicure & Four-wheeling!

This is Mom..sad, because they could only do one pedicure that day, so she had to watch me! LOL Actually, she offered. She wanted to get my nails done for me, and it was so nice! I love my Mom!
It was such a comfy chair! Massage chair and all!
Mom on the four-wheeler.
We had so much fun. But Mom screamed so much! Reminded me of my first time on the four-wheeler last summer when we had just moved here!
What a pair we are!

My Week with Mom!

Mom came to Essex for one week, and this is us at the movie theater, eating poutine! Yum! But we both agreed afterwards, that poutine, (minus the cheese) is better! LOL

At Boston Pizza!
On our way..somewheres! We did lots of touring around.

Rachael & Will's Wedding continued

Bride & Groom
Pastor Nathan poured coffee and well, spilled it all over the table! We laughed so loud..unfortunately during the speeches, but it was so funny!
Nathan & Julie!
Isn't Ben a cutie!
Christine & Wayne

Rachael & Will's Wedding, and Mom Arriving!

Pastor Nathan and little Ben! He went up to the head table at the wedding, and picked out a hershey kiss, so Rachael and Will had to kiss!
Shaun & I
Mandy, Nathan and Brandon
Before the wedding.
Mom & I!

VBS Continued

These pictures are in the reverse order - but this is me, after being dunked in the dunk tank. And this little cutie I am standing with was the one who pleaded with me to PLEASE go in the dunk tank. She said it would make her so happy. How could I say no!
It was cold and rainy by the time they got me in the tank. I know, I look terrified, and I was! I didn't know what it would feel like to be suddenly dropped. But it happened so fast, it was great!

VBS Carnival & BBQ

Pastor Shaun gets dunked in the dunk tank! The kids loved it :)
The preschool bouncing castle.
The train for around the parking lot!
Kat enjoying a ride!
Each group had a registration table with their team logo on the floor for the kids to follow to their section of the Sanctuary.

VBS Continued!

VIP Chair! We had a prize wheel. If they landed on VIP, they got to sit in this special chair on the stage, with a pop, chocolate bar, and a name badge that gave them special privileges all day!
The neatest game show "buzzer" system, from Renee and Wayne! The kids loved it!
Prize Table!

Vacation Bible School - Studio Go Game Show!

Vanna Trips-a-lot, Wade Win-a-lot, Professor Wordsmart, Coach Armstrong!
Front entrance!
A table for each age group to register.
The stage! The crew from EGCC worked so hard to set this up!
The three podiums for the game show!