Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pregnancy Photos Week By Week

16 weeks - heading for a walk, looking pretty sleepy!

Pregnancy Photos Week By Week

16 weeks
13 weeks
13 weeks
11 weeks
10.5 weeks

Pregnancy Photos Week By Week!

10 weeks
9 weeks
6 weeks
5.5 weeks
5 weeks

Amazing Race Family Fun Night!

After the race - these pictures are in the wrong order!
The Rivest Family won! Congratulations!
Ben chowing down at the BBQ after the race!
We had 100 people in our backyard for the BBQ following the race! What a fun night!
Heather & Sophie

Amazing Race Family Fun Night!

A few of the drivers, getting ready to race to their cars!
All the cars lined up, ready for the race!
Drivers waiting patiently!
The teams raced around Essex finding clues, & road blocks (just like the Amazing Race on TV). Lots of fun!
The clue boxes. Shaun did a great job designing everything to look as close to the Amazing Race as possible!

Sump Pump & Septic Tank Troubles!

We woke up last Sunday morning to the toilets not flushing, the tub not draining, and the crawl space under the house completely flooded! So with the help of a good friend, Shaun bought a new sump pump, installed it, and got the flooding problem sorted out! And by the end of the day, the toilets seemed to return to normal. But then last night, the toilets were acting up again, and we realized the septic tank needed to be pumped out. Thankfully someone came this morning as soon as we called, and now all is back to normal! I am very grateful! Toilets are a great thing, especially with pregnancy!

Babysitting Ben & Sophie!

Snuggling with Uncle Shauny before bed.
Lots of laughs with Shaun too!
Beautiful girl!

The two of them are quite entertaining!

Babysitting Ben & Sophie!

Ben LOVES his Uncle Shauny! They had so many laughs!
What a cutie!
This was a picture taken right after the WORST thunder & lightning storm I've seen since we've been in Essex! Ben was scared - he just grabbed on to my arm and pulled himself up onto the chair with Sophie & I. Hmm, seems like he's a bit like his Mom when it comes to storms!
Sweet as pie!
Ben trying on his Daddy's shoes I think!

Mom & Dad's Visit to Essex!

Dad playing Wii! Funny times :)
Mom giving it a try!
Before we headed to Detroit to shop for strollers & cribs!
Dad & I

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pregnancy Update! 16 weeks!

Things are going along very well with this pregnancy (other than the nausea constantly, but that's to be expected, and is a good sign, so I am grateful!)

I've had several OB appointments which went great.

The last one, the doctor did a special ultra sound just for my Mom, because she was in town visiting. The doctor couldn't believe how much the baby was moving. I said that's probably because his / her mama never stops, and is always shaking her legs constantly!

Also, the baby was waving during the entire ultra sound. So cute.

I will post some pictures soon, but haven't until now because I am really not showing yet. I'm still wearing my regular clothes, so there wouldn't be much to see in a picture. But I have been pretty faithful to take a picture every week since 5 weeks, so it will be neat to see some changes as the weeks go along.

When my parents were here visiting, we were on the hunt for strollers and many options and decisions! But we have lots of time to decide. I certainly feel more educated on strollers though, that's for sure! Living 20 minutes from Detroit is a bonus as well. They have so many options!

Well, we feel grateful, blessed and excited for what's ahead! More details to come.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Danielle, Peyton & Diana's Surprise Visit to Essex!

Well this year I received the best birthday present! My sister Diana had went for a visit (from Halifax) to Kingston, to see our friend Danielle, and her new baby, Peyton! On Saturday (my birthday), they decided to pack up the car and drive 6.5 hours to Essex to see me! It was the best weekend ever!

I just loved spending time with her!

Danielle, Peyton & Diana's Surprise Trip to Essex!

Having some play time with Shaun!

Oh..I think she's tired out!

Danielle, Peyton & Diana's Surprise Trip to Essex!

Enjoying some baby time!
Sleeping baby!

She is such a good baby!

Us girls!

Danielle, Peyton & Diana's Surprise Trip to Essex!

Michelle, Diana, Danielle & Peyton - The three girls finally back together again, plus one!
Isn't she beautiful?
Beautiful Peyton!
Diana & Peyton
Beautiful Baby, and Beautiful Mama!