Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Verdict is in...

I went to the doctor yesterday, because it was 10 days of still being sick..so I figured it was about time I checked it out.

The doctor said I have a bad case of bronchitis..my lungs are filled up, and my bronchial tubes are inflamed, so no wonder I've felt so awful! Anyways, at least now I am on antibiotics, and should be up and around again this week I hope! Tired of being home laying around.

So, as you can see..no pictures to add, again. They would be pretty blah..me lying on the couch..so I will refrain from posting any pics of that LOL.

Not much new here otherwise..Shaun is busy getting organized for the winter term at church. We have a kids sleepover coming up on Friday, so I'm hoping I'm up to going to that, at least for the evening, but time will tell.

My parents are coming for a week in February, so that will be nice! We will do lots of shopping and touring around.

Until next time...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hmmm..well at least it's a new post!

What can I say! There has not been much to take pictures of in the last couple of weeks. Haven't even been back in Essex for 2 weeks, and then I got sick with an awful cold/flu on the weekend, so that's had me cooped up in the house ever since. It's a bad one going around! Can't wait to shake it and get back to business as usual.

Anyways, thought I should at least write a quick post, so at least there was some update. I would add pictures, but like I said..wouldn't be too entertaining!

Shaun is busy with work, now that he's back. He's enjoying everything of course :)

It's been FREEZING here though :( In the -30's with the wind chill. Just so cold! Probably why a lot of us here have that virus..with the cold up and down, hard to know what to wear! From now on, for me, it will be a big winter jacket, scarf, hat and mitts!! I never want this one again :)

Well, time for bed. Good night!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Poppy's Funeral Day

Shaun's cousin Krista, with her little baby!
What a cutie :)
At the burial. Poor Nan did not end up getting to go. She fainted and got really weak on the drive there, so she was taken by ambulance to the hospital, however, the rest of the family continued on with the committal service. I videotaped it so she could watch it later.

More family pics!

Ready for church :) It was so good to see everyone.
Swiss Chalet after church.
Di & Paul
Mom & I

More family!

Dad & Mom
Shaun & I
Like father, like son :)
Family dinner after the visitation for Poppy.

Family pictures

Nanny & I
Dad & I
Mom & I

Krystyn & Allysha


While we were home, we enjoyed so much visiting a bunch of the kids we used to work with through Rock! We took these two to Dairy Queen and had a blast!

Neptune & Visits

Three generations off to Neptune!
The Hunts! I just love them! We met them through the community program we did at Rock, and now the whole bunch of them are going to church and involved in just about anything they can get their hands on! Way to go Hunts!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Quick Note & Lots of Pictures!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Today is a day to reflect on so much - on the past year, and the bright, fresh year ahead! Of course there are challenges every year, but there are also many blessings. I know for Shaun and I, we are so thankful to have such a wonderful, supportive family. Family makes all the difference in the world! We've missed our families since we moved to Essex, but we've enjoyed so much the chance to spend some quality time with them these past 2 weeks.

Secondly, we are thankful for such amazing friends! We've missed our friends in Halifax, but have made such wonderful friends in Essex, that we feel so blessed! Friends are a gift from God, that's for sure!

On another note, this past year, we lost someone very close & dear to our hearts, my grandfather, Walter Clarke. He was a man of such integrity, and such love for God. It has almost been a year since he has been with us, and though at times our hearts are still grieved with the loss of such a special person, we move on with the legacy he left behind, and determine to press on in our walks with God, as he would have. It is what he would want the most. And though we enter another year, he will not be forgotten. He will live on, in us - so much of who we are is because of all he instilled in us, and that will always remain.

Shaun's grandfather, Stan Slauenwhite, also passed away, just a few days ago, on December 30th. He too was a man of great faith, and was an amazing example to us, and many others. He battled a long fight with cancer, but is now at peace in his heavenly home. He will always be remembered, always be loved, and his legacy too will live on.

Shaun & I are looking forward to a fantastic year, with God leading the way! It is so amazing to serve a God who cares about all the little details of our lives, and who gives us fresh beginnings every day! Life is an adventure that's for sure! We hear so much about New Year's Resolutions...but we are so thankful that with God, it doesn't just have to be a "new year' when we are able to have a clean slate, but each and every day can be new!

We wish all of our family & friends a year ahead filled with God's highest and best!

S & M

New Year's Day

My parents, Shaun & I playing crocinole! Love this game! I am buying one when I get back to Essex :)
Mom & Dad..with all the treats! LOL
Dad out with Shaun shoveling the driveway after the plow came through. Tons of snow in Halifax today! Must have been 2 feet or more, and plenty of snow drifts!
Love the snow!

New Year's Eve Continued :)

At Di & Paul's house after our China Town Dinner with family.
Di getting organized for a game!
My lovely parents, at China Town!
Dad & Di
Jon & Mom

New Year's Eve at China Town

Nanny & I, what a pair!
Shaun & I
My cute cousins, Jonathan & Trevor
Uncle Wanye Bev

Spa Day, Poppy & New Year's Eve

Nanny & I on New Year's Eve! She treated the family to China Town, and it was delicious!
Mom & Dad at China Town - what a nice picture!
Di & Paul :)
Shaun's grandfather, Stan Slauenwhite, fought an amazing battle with cancer for the past two years. This picture is showing Pastor Ted and Gloria, and some of the family gathered around to pray with him before he passed away. He peacefully went to be with Jesus at approximately 10:20 PM on December 30th with all of his family with him. He will be greatly missed and forever loved. The visitation will be this Saturday, January 3rd from 7 - 9 PM at Walker's Funeral Home in Spryfield, and the Funeral will be held Monday, January 4th at 10 AM, at Faith Tabernacle.
Mom & Diana - the three of us had a spa day on Tuesday, and a lunch date!