Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FLORIDA Vacation!

My Mom eating an ice cream bar at our condo.
Mom and Dad at dinner last night..we went to Tony Roma's. Delicious!
Mom & I when they picked me up at the airport...and boy were they full of laughter and cackling when they picked me up! That's a story we will keep to ourselves!!! (won't we MOTHER DEAR!)
And a close up...hey..I don't see them often..have to make the most of it with lots of pics!
At the airport.

EGCC Games Night!

One group was playing Settlers! Lots of fun...and guess who guessed it..JOANNE!
OK, I admit it - Walter and I LOST this game to Pastor Brent and Dale! And this is probably Pastor Brent trying to take a picture of the losers! And you can see, Karen is trying to back out of this picture :) See, the problem with the game was...we should have went to 500..not just 300! Then we would have won..well..maybe ??!!

EGCC Games Night

Before the games got started..lots of chit chat!
The ladies...Rosanne, Alison, and Moi!
They were the queens of the Wii game!
Sandy, ready for some crocinole! (hope I spelled that right!)
Lou and Shaun getting the Wii set up.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Conference Pics from Burlington!

Shaun & I at dinner :)
Amy & Nichole.

Water Conference Pics from Burlington

Twyla and I at Swiss Chalet!
Part of the gang - Crystal, Taylor & Gerry!
We had a great time!
Nichole & I at conference.
Nichole, Jennifer & I!

PAOC Water Conference in Burlington

Christine & I swimming at the hotel :)
Having a ball as you can see! I didn't bring my swim suit, so I ran to Wal-mart, found a work out shirt and shorts! LOL
Girls just wanna have fun!
What a group!
Nichole was brought up on stage for a skit! Very funny :)

More Four Wheeling at the Howson's!

Shaun & Tommy Gun
Pastor Nathan & Mandy!
Getting ready for a ride on the "hills"!
Tommy Gun & Rachael, followed by Mandy.

Easter Dinner & Four Wheeling at the Howson's

Pastor Nathan & Mandy!
Jon holding little Ben..and doing a great job I might add!
Chilling after supper!
Sharon laughing hysterically!
What a happy family!

Four Wheeling

Rachael & I
Sharon, Mandy & Ben
Aww, Mandy and Ben :)
Rachael and I gearing up for some four wheeling!