Thursday, July 31, 2008

Relaxing after the BBQ

Mandy! She is now, I think 20 weeks pregnant! And I get to babysit on Valentine's Day once the baby is born in Dec. I'm planning well in advance! Just love those babies! Mandy & Nathan will need a break by then :)
Nathan & Jon relaxing.

BBQ At Our Place

Pastor Nathan & Mandy came over!
And also Tom Howson (he is on the board), and his boys came, as their Mom is away teaching at a Bible camp this week!
Shaun drying dishes like a good husband!
Me, whipping up a cake for dessert (thank goodness for box cake mixes!)

Lots of Pictures from Essex Gospel Community Church!

One of the Sunday School Rooms (Lots of murals!)

Main room for the songs/games before the kids break off into classes. We want to really get this room organized before Sept. starts!
Church mailboxes! Love this idea. Every family in the church has a box, so it's easy when you are trying to leave things for people.
The Main Office


Resource Room (A great idea to keep ribbon organized!)
Resource Room (even has a sink in here which is nice!)
Huge church kitchen!



EGCC Preschool Age Sunday School Rooms

Sink in the room, which is nice!

Lots of murals!

More Pics from EGCC!

Pastor Shaun's Office!
Pastor Nathan (Youth Pastor) & Pastor Shaun (Children & Family Pastor). These are VBS advertisement posters on Shaun's door.
Rosanne - she runs the office!
Waiting area.
Youth room.


What a cutie! This is Joanne & Jeff's youngest. She has this tiny glass for her pop :)

Is it the End of July ALREADY??!!

Well, things are going great here in Essex! We have been very busy getting organized for VBS starting Aug. 18th! Today, Shaun went out door to door to different businesses in the town, putting posters up, and giving out donation letters to see if any of these businesses would be interested in donating some prizes, etc. He got some GREAT responses! Perk of being in a small town. Home Hardware said they will give us anything we ever need from their store at cost all year long! Also, a few other stores said to come back and they would have a ton of items ready for us! The McDonalds Manager gave us coupons for 50 ice cream cones right on the spot! So I would say things are going well.

Tonight we are having one of the board members over for supper, with his two boys (their Mom is away so we thought we better have them in for a meal so they don't starve!)

Oh, and just as today, we were supposed to get a rented car for free from Honda, because our air conditioning part was expected to be delayed for months, POOF, the part appears today (even though they said it was still in Japan!) Well, doesn't matter to us, we get our AC back tomorrow!

That's all for now!

S & M

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spa Escape Evening with the Girls!

Saturday night, I had a consultant come from the home based company, "Beauti Control" to do a spa party for us! (Rosanne & Sharon in this pic!)
GiGi doing the foot lotion & sock routine!
Taylor (Pastor Brent & Karen's daughter) & Michelle
On the left (Sherri) who was the consultant. She is showing Joanne & Christine all the facial products! Looks like they are having fun! They look stunned that I am taking a picture!
Ahh, now they are posing for the picture! Well, we had fun! We did manicure treatments to our hands & feet, and much more!

Spa Escape Continued!

Karen (Pastor Brent's wife) and Janet!
Sarah and Luisa sporting their lip powder! Makes those lips so smooth!
More white lips! (Joanne)
Sarah, Luisa, Michelle

Karen & Janet

More Spa Pics!

Rosanne being shown this gadget that exfoliates the face (but she's being shown on her hand). Everyone got to have it done to see how smooth it makes your skin!
Time for nourishing eye covers! Next to me is Karen (Pastor Brent's wife), and then Janet!
Ahh! We had to sit quietly, breath deeply, and relax!
This is Christine! What a character! We had to put this white pasty stuff on our lips, and then "schluff" it off onto a napkin, and then rub in a cream. Haha, "schluff" was the word of the night!
Amy trying to "Schluff!"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amy's Birthday Dinner with the Girls!

Before we went to East Side Mario's, Amy said we had an activity. We went to the Dollar Store where she gave the 3 of us $2 each. We had to go, and in 20 minutes, find one or two items that most represented us! So, I chose this "FAMILY" bulletin board plaque, because Family is so important to me! And I miss all my Family from NS!
Mandy chose this beautiful pink frame, because pink is her favorite color, she loves pictures, and the frame says "I Love Mommy" and she is pregnant and has always wanted to be a Mom!

Twyla and I
Amy, the birthday girl, and Mandy!