Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day in the Life of Braeya

She decided to help Mommy pack by pulling her shoe out of my luggage and eating it!

Dinner time!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Family visit to Essex!

"I think I can..I think I can!!!"
Heading out to Amanda & Mitchell's wedding! It was a wonderful day! Thanks to Grammy and Auntie for babysitting Braeya!
"Isabel, you are a nice sofa - I think I'll lay on you!!"
Girls just wanna have fun!

Family visit to Essex!

Playing with cousin Isabel!
"Grammy, what should we order tonight?"
Braeya loves Auntie Di!
Smiles with Grammy!
"Let's be friends cuz, that would make our Mama's very happy!!!"

It's Fall..I'm back!

Wow! Did everyone find that the summer just flew by, or is it just me?! I lost track of my blog there for a bit in August. Life just got busy!

Shaun's parents came for a visit in July, then my Mom and sister came for a visit. Followed by our church VBS, then a trip to Halifax! We had a wonderful summer!

I will post some pictures of some of the events of the summer!