Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Spirit Spa!

My Dad gives us a great present each year - my Mom, sister and I get to go to the spa for the afternoon! It is fabulous! We tried out a new spa this year, and it's the best.
Diana sipping her cucumber water, while in the waiting area.
One of our massage rooms :) So relaxing!

Girls Dinner after the Spa!

Mom & Di
Mom & I
It was delicious food, and great company! Thanks for a great day Mom!

Randoms in Halifax

In my parents driveway, getting ready to head to Wal-mart. AND it had started to snow! Finally! We are supposed to be getting a huge storm on New Year's Eve and Day! I hope it comes!
My Dad gives a big thumbs up, as the Christmas decorations are all being put away for another year.
Mom, halfway through the big job!

Christmas at the Slauenwhites

Delicious seafood chowder, made my Jeff!
Us :)

Christmas at the Slauenwhites

Mom S. opening her gifts from us.
Max & Jake
Dad S. opening his presents from us.
Jeff, Krystyn and Bamp
Shaun with his HUGE Christmas sack to open from his parents! (I got one too!!)

Church at Rock!

And Shaun wore his red suit..are you surprised!!!
Jessica & I have to get our picture taken each time I visit. It's a tradition now :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day in Halifax!

Again, Diana hiding her face (behind her cards!)
Contemplating my next move in Rook! Diana and I beat Mom and Dad badly :)
Shaun took this because he was shocked that I was eating a piece of pie. Pie is not really my thing, but this was chocolate pie, so I just ate the pudding out of the middle!

Boxing Day in Halifax!

My Dad & Uncle pretend fighting! LOL
Delicious turkey dinner with my Mom's side of the family.
Diana & Paul's typical pose when I attempt to take pictures, and make memories!
Nanny, my cousin Trevor, and I
Playing Chinese Checkers

Christmas Eve in Halifax

Eating lasagna after opening gifts! Mmm, delicious! I ate this huge piece, plus more! I was starving :)
Shaun & I
My Dad, sporting his new hat, and knee pads! LOL This was a funny moment. You just had to be there.
Opening gifts!

Christmas Eve in HALIFAX!

My Dad, delivering all the gifts to each of us, one by one! It is a very organized process. We watch each other, one at a time, open gifts. It's nice :)
Dad reading the Christmas Story before we even begin. Tradition!
Paul & Diana
Mom, Dad & I - so good to see them!
Mom, in her newly decorated kitchen! Looking good Mom!

Hamilton & Flight to Halifax!

Shaun reading his book on the plane to Halifax.
Waiting at our gate.
Ahh..Tim Horton's break!
We stayed at a hotel in Hamilton over night on Christmas Eve, and Shaun asked them, since the hotel wasn't very busy, if there was a room with a jacuzzi available. The guy at the desk said, sure! Merry Christmas, and didn't charge us any extra! So that was a nice blessing :)

Quick visit with the Rivest's & friends!

We stopped in to see the Rivest's (and Howson's and Ashley), on our way to Hamilton on Christmas Eve!
This is Jeff bringing Ben in from the car - you'll see in my next post, they ended up looking after Ben while Nathan & Mandy were in the hospital, since Shaun and I were on our way to Halifax!
Ashely, Nichole & I
The Rivest's beautiful Christmas tree!
Ashley and I

Christmas Eve turned into QUITE the day!

To make a long story short, at 6 AM on Christmas Eve (day), our phone rings. I jumped out of bed, unable to imagine who it would be! On the other end was Pastor Nathan. They were heading into the hospital for Mandy to have Baby #2, and Shaun and I were the designated babysitters for Ben. So, by 6:10 AM they arrived at our place, with Ben.

This is a picture of Shaun doing Ben's early morning aerobics!
Isn't he a cutie?
Playing with Ben. The sad part is, we had to leave Christmas Eve (night) for Halifax, so we didn't end up getting to babysit Ben for his Mommy & Daddy's entire hospital stay, but Joanne was very happy to fill in!
This was the first picture when he arrived. I look half asleep - as indeed I was! It was a late night, the night before. We didn't get to bed until about 1 AM, so 6 AM came early! But we were thrilled to have little Ben with us! In fact, when the Rivest's came to pick him up later on, I actually felt quite saddened - I must have bonded considerably with Ben in such a short time!

The other crazy part of the day, was that Pastor Nathan was supposed to be playing all of the Christmas Carols at the Christmas Eve service (about 8 or so!) Plus, he was going to be playing the piano for Shaun & I's duet, plus Taylor & Mandy's duet, plus a song with himself and Mandy! So, guess who ended up filling guessed it!!

But it turned out to be a great day! Everything worked out just fine! Nathan & Mandy had a wonderful Christmas present - Sophia! We had a lovely Christmas Eve Service, and Shaun and I even squeezed in a little visit with the Rivests, Howsons, and Ashley, after finishing our packing (and before heading to Hamilton).

We arrived in Hamilton around 1:30 AM, and flew into Halifax the next day at 1 PM!

Opening Christmas Gifts & Monopoly!

Shaun and I exchanged gifts 3 days before Christmas, because we knew we would be driving to Hamilton on Christmas Eve. One of my favourite gifts was the whole series of "Gilmore Girls!"
Shaun showing off one of his new shirts :)
A few days before Christmas, we also played Monopoly with Taylor & Mitchell. I had a lovely picture of Mitchell for my blog, but to be nice, I will refrain from adding it! (You owe me Mitchell!)