Monday, March 30, 2009

Babysitting BEN!

Snuggling with Uncle Shauny.
Aww, he had just woken up from a quick nap in my arms.
Babysitting Ben was the highlight of my week!
Just about to give Ben a bath. Mandy decorated Ben's room amazingly! Looks so sweet.

Babysitting BEN!

What a happy boy! I was making lots of faces at him, and finally caught him with a smile for the camera!
He loves his Uncle Shauny!

I helped Ben write a note on the white board to Mommy & Daddy..because he missed them so much!! BUT...he had lots of fun!!

Annual Easter Egg Hunt at EGCC!

We need to collect 15,000 little chocolate eggs for this Community Easter Egg Hunt...and then stuff the chocolate eggs in 15,000 of the plastic eggs! This is an annual event we do in the community. In this photo, the congregation had donated just about 8000 eggs! But NOW, we are up to 11,500!! Amazing! That's in less than 2 weeks!
This is our Children's Department bulletin board. We keep painting this each week, and then we show it to the congregation during the announcements to show everyone where we are. People have been fantastic about giving!
Our bulletin board.
The amazing poster Shaun made for the event. He is really good at whipping up these kind of things!

Baby Ben & the Rivests

This is Ben at Pastor Brent's desk..he's taking over the place! Look out!

He's a cutie!
Conner, Lauren & Katherine
Katherine & Conner - gotta love them!

Casting Crowns Concert at Parkwood Church

It was an amazing concert. Parkwood is the big PAOC church in Windsor. Reminds me of Rock Church so much.
Shaun & I before the concert.
We went with Crystal and Joel.
Boys being boys! The guy in the middle just popped his head in the picture, because he saw me telling everyone to smile and get in the picture...we didn't even know him! haha
Jocelyn, Nichole & I

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, today was lovely! Pastor Ted & Gloria were in the Windsor area, (Senior Pastor & his wife from Halifax), and we met up for breakfast. Was it ever great to see them! So nice to see faces from back home :)

We went to Cora's for a delicious breakfast, and did a bit of shopping before dropping them off. They have been such a blessing to us and our families for years, so it meant so much to be able to share the morning with them.

Today was BEAUTIFUL here in Essex. 20+ degrees! Absolutely gorgeous. But I was still wearing my winter coat! I refuse to go with spring attire just yet..because everytime I do, it suddenly drops below zero again, and I catch a silly cold.

This week will be a catch up week for us. All children's programs at church are cancelled, due to March Break, so we have plans to catch up on some things we've been trying to get done, and also plan ahead a bit. Should be a productive week.

Oh, and I have finally loaded my pictures on our new computer. So I will definitely get posting!

~ M

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Long overdue!

I had a post here a few days ago, and accidently deleted it, while I was editing it :)

So, here goes a new post.

Things are well..busy as usual, but we are enjoying it here in Ontario for sure.

I have some pictures to post, but I am learning the ropes on this new computer my parents bought for us (a desktop). I need to get the photo program loaded and ready to I can get back to picture postings as usual.

More to come soon!