Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Few Randoms!

Krystyn & Allysha standing by a limo in the park, "Look but don't touch ladies!"
Bamp with Shaun's hoody sweatshirt on. Haha!
Our little Katherine from church (the one we talked about in an earlier post, who wanted "Pastor Shaun" to rub her feet!)
Heather & Katherine - love these girls!
Shaun, taking a pic of himself up side down! Sporting our new "Inside-Out Kidz Ministry" t-shirts! That's the name we gave for the Kids Ministry at the church.

Trip to Amherstburg Continued

Michelle, Shaun, Mom S., Dad S.,
Where the Detroit River starts to form into the great lake.
Krystyn & I
Allysha & I
I love this picture, with the leaves. Reminds me of Fall.

An afternoon in Amherstburg!

Dad S., Krystyn and Allysha in the van.
A beautiful pic of Lake Erie.
Allysha, Krystyn and I at a park by the Detroit River.
Shaun & I
Michelle, Bamp, Shaun & Nan

Evening with the Howson's and the Slauenwhites

Chilling out one evening, after delicious home made chowder!
Nan & Bamp
Michelle & Mom S.
OK, I got the royal treatment. Nichole H. asked if I wanted a foot rub, which led to Allysha playing with my hair, and Krystyn rubbing my other foot (or my hand and arm at times!) Spoiled I know.

Slauenwhite's Visit Continued!

Allysha & Bamp, hard at work in the kitchen!
Nan and Mom S. in the kitchen! They made SO much great food for all of us!
Jeff, Nan and Mom S.
I put some extra special decorations on the table for Thanksgiving! Looks pretty I think!
Eating supper one evening.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good night!

One quick story before I am off to bed!

You'll see below that there is a couple of cute pictures of Shaun with Katherine (4 yrs old)! She was asking him today at lunch to rub her feet, and then asked him to rub her neck..and she fell asleep on the floor!

Well, tonight at 11 PM the phone rings. I answered it, and it was little Katherine on the phone. She said " Can I talk to Pastor Shaun please". So I gave Shaun the phone and she said in her cute little voice, "hey I can't sleep. Come rub my feet pleassseee!" So very sweet! I guess Katherine has a special place in her heart for "Pastor Shaun!"

Well, off to bed. My allergies have been acting up today so badly. I think because of all the combining - lots of harvesting going on here! So stuff is flying around in the air I'm sure.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone!

S & M

Lake St. Clair

More at Lake St. Clair

The family at Lake St. Clair

At the Rivest's for Lunch!

Katherine - what a cutie! She is 4 this month. Shaun was tickling her for a while, but then she snuggled down, asked for a pillow, and for Shaun to please rub her feet! Then after about 30 minutes, she said, "now my neck please!" She flipped over on her tummy, and ended up drifting off to sleep. So sweet!
The clan
Joanne & I - what a lovely hostess she is!
Katherine - out cold!
We took the Slauenwhite's to Lake St. Clair in Belle River, after we finished lunch at Joanne's.

More of the Slauenwhite's Visit

Heather & I again - wow I have a lot of pictures with Heather! This was in the back of the pick up truck, on our way to the soy bean field, where we were watching Walt use the combine!
Michelle & Heather on the four wheeler - oh so fun.
Heather and I
I decided Bamp needed to have a turn on the four wheeler, so I took him for a whirl.

Slauenwhite's Visit

Heather - what a cutie!
A visit to Walt & Amy's farm!
Heather and I
Cow in the barn.
Krystyn and her Dad on the four wheeler.