Sunday, March 27, 2011


"Oh is so difficult for an infant!"
Happy Girl!
Check out that hairdo!
I guess face plants are comfy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

More of Braeya

"Essex Aunty Joanne" having snuggles with Braeya :)

Poor thing..this was the only position that would make her tummy feel better some nights.

More pics of Braeya

Update on Baby Braeya!

The day after she was born, when she got out of the NICU.

In the NICU. She had a slight issue with one lung..nothing major, just something that needed to be checked!

Well it's hard to believe, but Braeya turned 2 months old yesterday! Where did the time go? I remember when I was pregnant, and at times the weeks were seeming to drag along, friends would say "enjoy every moment of the process because in a flash, she will be two months old!" And here we are!

She is the perfect little angel, and such a blessing to our home! We just love her! There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to her cute little smile and "coo's!"

Poor little thing has had two thrush infections since she was born, so we are still taking medication trying to clear that up.

She weighs over 11 lbs now. I will have an up to date weight on Monday when we go for her next doctor's appointment.

She loves to look at light fixtures - our Essex home here is pretty dull..we don't have any hanging fixtures. But on our recent trip to Halifax, she was spoiled with many fabulous light fixtures between my sister and my parents home. She just stares at them, laughs at them, and looks amazingly content!

She also loves balloons, which we found out while visiting Diana in the hospital after she had her little baby girl, Isabel.

Speaking of Isabel, she is a cutie! She was born weighing 7.5 and is absoultely delightful! I speak for Braeya, knowing how excited she will be to have a cousin her age! Just 7 short weeks apart.

We just returned from a trip to Halifax. Shaun Braeya and I flew down together - and she was stellar on the plane I might add! Then I flew back with her alone, as Daddy had to return earlier for work.

She is going to be a fabulous traveller I can tell already! She enjoyed many chats with lovely people in airports who were thrilled with the amount of hair on her head!

Braeya loved meeting her grandparents for the first time! She loves them all very much..and of course she was excited to see Papa and Grammy, and Gram & Poppy, and of course her Aunts and Uncles.

The hardest part was leaving to come home..never easy to say goodbye, but we are looking forward to our families coming to visit in May, as Braeya will be dedicated on May 1st!

Well that's a brief update! I've been told my many people lately that my blog has not been kept up to date! And that is true..I have been updating facebook, but I realize not everyone has a facebook account, so I better get back to my regular updates here.

I'll post a few pictures for you to check out as well!