Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lots of gratitude!

100) A beautiful, amazing week in Essex! Our weather here matched Florida's weather all week!

101) Wonderful air conditioning at home!)

102) Special night with friends - lots of laughs!

103) Jesus - where would I be without Him!

104) Clean laundry that's already folded!

105) A husband who makes me laugh :)

106) Young boy, devouring an ice cream sundae! Made my heart smile.

107) Mom & sister who are currently on their way home from an amazing missions trip to Zambia! Can't wait to hear from them!

108) Daily walks & lots of time for reflection.

109) Trip to the park with a special friend, and two wee ones! One slept, the other had his first experience on the swing!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gratitude List to #99!

91) A wonderful long weekend, relaxing with my hubby.

92) Organized closets and bathroom cupboards! Wow, did we get a burst of energy this weekend for reorganzing a few things around here! Spring cleaning is here!

93) Church family.

94) Thrilled that my Mom is doing so well on her FIRST missions trip Zambia! So proud of my Mom for taking a huge step of faith. We are hearing great reports :) Miss you!

95) Lots of long chats with my Dad on the phone, because he is missing my Mom.

96) A wonderful trip to Halifax, to witness the vow renewal of Shaun's Mom & Dad. Thanks for a great weekend!

97) Mercies that are new every morning!

98) Hugs from little ones. Kids are special people!

99) For the truth of this song, "How marvelous, how wonderful, and my song shall ever be! How marvelous, how wonderful, is my Saviour's love for me!"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prepping for the Big Day!

Shaun's Mom & Dad decided to renew their wedding vows for their 35th Wedding Anniversary. They flew Shaun & I to Halifax to celebrate this special day with them. This is a picture of the kitchen crew making loaves and loaves of sandwiches for the big day!
Krystyn & I
Working hard :)
Krystyn getting ready :)
Mama S. all decked out and ready to go!

Wedding Renewal Day!

Krystyn (Shaun's sister) & I.
Shaun & I.
Krystyn & Joanna
Getting ready to take off!
Mother & Son.

Vow Renewal Continued!

Mom & Dad S. in the limo! So great that Shaun's brother Jeff works for a Limo company :)
In the limo.
The clan in the limo.
Right before the ceremony.

Nanny & Mom.

Vow Renewal Continued

Mom & Dad S. at the altar renewing their vows.
Streamers on their way back down the aisle!
It was great to see everyone :)
Shaun & I
Slauenwhite Family

More coupon deals!

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And this was all free! As well as 3 free boxes of motrin!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 we come!

Well, we are off to Halifax later this week, for just 2 nights. Shaun's Mom and Dad are renewing their vows, so we are going for this wonderful occasion!

It will be a short trip this time, but it will be great to see everyone!

All is well here in Essex. Keeping busy, and enjoying life!

And my gratitude list continues:

81) Small blessings every day!

82) Husband who is so diligently folding laundry.

83) Wii Fit!

84) Delicious supper at Boston Pizza, with a gift card from my Mom & Dad !

85) Accomplishing so much today!

86) Fruit chillers!

87) God's still small voice.

88) A dear piano student who makes me laugh!

89) Quiet moments.

90) A car to drive in the rain.

Friday, May 7, 2010

And the list continues!

71) Wonderful Children's Workers who inspire me! Thanks for a great meeting.

72) The thought provoking lyrics of my favourite hymns.

73) Rain drops.

74) Wonderful grandparents who care so much!

75) Relaxing days spent with my hubby.

76) Late night pizza!

77) Amazing Grace!

78) The amazing church I grew up in, and all the people in my life who coached me along the way!

79) The power of prayer.

80) The internet. What a wonderful invention and way to keep in contact with friends and family.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gratitude List Continued

61) A special family that has moved away. We will miss you!

62) A beautiful sunny Monday! Perfect for getting reorganized for the week ahead.

63) Church services with so many friends that are like family.

64) Long chats while relaxing at the church cafe :)

65) New families coming to the church! So many new friendships in the makings!

66) A trip to Halifax in 2 weeks!

67) The still, small Voice (and the days when I am listening enough to hear it!)

68) Wonderful friend who recently had a beautiful baby girl.

69) Enchiladas made by a dear friend - turned out to be a fabulous snack after a busy day!

70) A husband who makes sure I have everything I need! What a guy!