Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Supper with Taylor :)

This is Taylor (Pastor Brent & Karen's daughter). She was over for piano lessons today, and then stayed for supper! She is a wonderful piano student & friend :)
Taylor checking her Facebook before supper.

More supper pics!

Oh, me with my "famous" ice pack bandanna thing! My headaches have been very bad lately, so I've been practically living with this thing on my head.
Taylor eating supper! Fish Brushetta! It was delicious!
In the oven :)
My hubby dishing it out.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Newspaper Clipping & Inside Out Kidz Ministry Teacher Meeting!

Pastor Shaun & Pastor Nathan, and the boys, featured in the "Essex Voice" newspaper. "The Net" is a youth initiative that Pastor Nathan has launched, to reach out to the youth in Essex. They meet once a month in the community, and host different events. The first night went amazing!
The whole article.
Pictures from the teacher meeting at our house.
It went amazing! we work with such an amazing group of people here!

Quick video clip from our Detroit Shopping Day

Friday, September 26, 2008

Trip to Detroit - Just Shaun and I

Gotta LOVE Target! We could spend hours there!
And, I got a NEW BIKE! I needed one, because it is so flat here in Essex, perfect for biking, but my bike, from probably 1990 was just not doing the trick anymore! Too much to repair. This one will be perfect! Only $55 at Target (and they didn't even pull us over at the border to pay duty!)
Beautiful blue!

Trip to Detroit

In the tunnel, heading to Detroit (there is a bridge, and tunnel). Not sure how I feel about being way down beneath the Detroit River..but anyways!
General Motors, Detroit, Michigan


Trip to Detroit

Right before we left - you can still see the corn field in the background! Still growing!
These buildings are in Detroit, Michigan, but we can see them as we drive through down town Windsor.
General Motors
Oh, this is the building we got our new Ontario Health Cards at (on our way to the States).
Shaun with his silly poses!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Young Adults Corn Maze!

Luisa being silly!
Swiss Chalet after the corn maze! Yum!
Wayne & Christine

More Corn Maze!

Shaun and the boys tearing around the maze!
Good thing Ashely brought us girls glow sticks!! It got very dark, and we were VERY lost!
Amy & I
Girls on the move!
Hiding in the corn :)

Corn Maze with Young Adults!

Luisa, Amy and I, standing outside the corn maze.

All us troops trying to find our way around 11 acres of maze! The girls and guys split up. Us girls could not even get half way through the first phase of the maze!! You have to find 5 different markers before you get out, and we could only get to 2! Then we had to turn back and come out the entrance! How embarrassing! But we were in there over an hour and a half!! From sunshine to pitch black! But phase two we did a bit better - then again, the corn maze guys helped us through :) It is much more tricky then we expected. You really get lost in there! Especially in the dark!