Monday, November 23, 2009

Collingsworth Family Concert in Chatham

A couple at our church arranged for a group of us to go see this concert. The style was Southern Gospel, and it was fantastic! Very Spirit lead, worshipful, and inspiring. It was a great night! Not to mention, the church the concert was held in was beautiful! Still has a pipe organ as you can see, which was played by a sweet dear man before the concert, and during at times!
The Mom in the group. Probably the most fantastic piano player I have ever heard. Amazing. She played the Hallelujah chorus, and everyone stood to their feet and started to worship. Pretty neat to be a part of.
The dear man who played the pipe organ. Pretty neat!
Shirley and Josee. Two very lovely ladies from EGCC. It was nice to be able to sit with them at the concert.
This was taken outside of the restaurant that we ate in before the concert. Just a small, cozy little spot in Chatham.

Pie in the Face!

These pictures are out of order. But here is Shaun just after he got a pie in the face (well actually, whip cream, pickle juice, and strawberry syrup to be exact!)

Club House Fun!

I promised the kids (without telling Shaun), that if 40 kids came to Club House one week, we would get Pastor Shaun with a pie in the face! They loved it :)
Right before the pie!
It was also Crazy Hair Day at Club House. Lauren looks lovely don't you think!
The two Taylor's!
Yes I know..can you believe it! I went COMPLETELY WILD and used colored hairspray! This is totally unlike me. I hate yucky stuff in my hair..but hey, for the kids!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas is on its way!!!

Yes, we put up our tree, and our outside lights on November 7th! It's lots of work, so I figure we might as well enjoy it for more than a week! This was right before church yesterday morning.
As promised, here is a picture of Shaun is his new RED suit!! Crazy eh!!! He went shopping with his Mom while they were visiting, and she bought him 3 suits. A black one, bright blue one, and this. Only Shaun would be this wild! I saw the suits once I returned from Halifax.
Some of our outside Christmas lights.
I got my hair coloured the other day..not black this time though! But a nice, rich dark brown.
What a great guy :)

Visit in Essex with Ed Dickson & his family

Regina & Baby Michelle! She is so cute :)
Natasha & Regina
Ashley & Jeff. Ashley invited Ed and his family over after he spoke at our church a few Sunday nights ago. We had a great time with them.
Ed & Amy!
Just love her. Can't wait to see you all again!

Fall Fest at EGCC!

We do a Fall Fest party, as a Halloween alternative. We had a great time with the kids this year!
Sharon all dressed up and ready to go!
Beautiful angel!
The gang waiting for the kids to come to their room for a game!
Tori playing a game in the gym..digging through wet slimy noodles to find marbles!

Tots Parade in Essex

Shaun & Tom
Nichole & I by the bouncing castle. EGCC sets up a bouncing castle every year, and hands out hot chocolate and candy as the pre-school kids dress up and walk down the main street in Essex. All the shops give the kids candy, and it's a great day. There are hundreds of kids. It's a very cute parade.
Pastor Nathan chilling in the castle while he waits for the kids to come and jump!

Halifax Trip - Visits!

Saying goodbye to my parents, and Nanny at the airport, before heading back to Essex.
Dad and I at our Pizza Hut date (that's a tradition!) But this Pizza Hut was a more "take-out" style, so they give you plastic utensils. Dad ate part of the fork as you can see. He spit out one piece, but as you can see, one piece is still to this day..missing! LOL
Gotta love breadsticks with cheese! The MOST delicious thing in the world I think!
Nanny took me to a fabulous fish & chips restaurant in Truro when I was home. I believe it was voted to be the best fish & chip place in all of Canada. It was great!

Halifax - Catching up with kids at church!

It was SO great to see these guys! Shaun and I worked with these kids, and many others, for years before we moved to Essex. It's go great to see them. They are getting so grown up!
Aww, just love them!
Can't wait to see them again in December!