Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update on Braeya

Well, our little baby is not so little anymore!

She is 15 weeks old now..getting close to 15 lbs..and so long!

She brings so much joy to our family!

She's been sleeping through the night like a little trooper most nights lately..and giving Mommy & Daddy some wonderful sleep!

She loves shaking her rattles (one in each hand), when she's not chewing on her own hand, that is.

In her "spare time" she enjoys staring at beautiful light fixtures (mainly found in other people's homes!) and squirming around on her back on the floor, looking at the world around her. She also loves snuggling in Mommy's sling, and singing! Whenever Mommy starts to sing, she joins right in. So you can imagine how much she loves church! Lots of singing..and that means a singing (or sleeping) baby!

She is drinking about 8 oz at a time no worries about her suffering from starvation that's for sure!

She is so sweet...smiling all the time, and loving her life! Everyday brings something new to love about her :) Can't imagine our lives without her.

I'll post a few pictures here (but there are much more loaded on facebook, if you have an account). The pictures posted with this posting are from quite a few weeks ago..but I will add a few more postings as well.

Blessings from the Slauens!

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Ashley Morrison said...

Great pictures! Not sure if you know, but all albums created on Facebook have a public link that allows people to see your pics even if they don't have a Facebook account. You can add the link to your blog or to emails and it only allows people to see the pics and not the rest of your profile. If you open an album, the link is at the bottom of the page. x