Thursday, April 7, 2011

Now I Understand...

Looking at Braeya over the past 10 weeks has impressed upon me so much of God's love for me, and everyone of us. Laying down next to her this morning on her floor mat, I stared into her eyes, watched her giggle, smile and coo, and thought to myself, "I would do anything for this new little person in my life..I would give anything, do anything, climb the highest mountain for her!"

And then it dawned on me just how much God loves he loved me so much that he gave His son Jesus to die just for me. It means so much more now that I have my own daughter. The depth of God's love is so clear to me now.

I also understand even more how much my own mother loves me! I see why, even as an adult, she tries to make my life better, offer helpful advice and be there for me..because even though I am now almost 29 years old, I'm still her baby!

I'm sure I will be doing the same when Braeya is everything I can to make her life the best it can be!

So, today, I am extremely grateful for my heavenly father's love, and my mother's love. Braeya has shed a new light on this for me.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww, that brought a tear! So sweet! Yes when Braeya is 29 she will still be your baby and you will do whatever you can for her! And yes, when you have a child you realize how much your Heavenly Father cares about you! There's no other word for it but Amazing!

Love you my baby girl!