Saturday, November 26, 2011

5 Minute "Saturday!"

Well, I missed this yesterday, but thought I would catch up today - Topic is "Grateful". Here goes! Unedited, no proof reading! Just quick thoughts!

Grateful that it's 9:23 PM which means I have a hope of bouncing into bed by 9:30 PM if I hurry! Would treasure a wonderful, long sleep!

Grateful for my hubby who contributes so much to our home - who makes Saturdays together such a great time with many special moments created.

Grateful for the security I have in my life because of Christ - for the hope I have - for the peace I have in every situation. Grateful that the Word says to cast all of my cares on Him because He cares!

Grateful for a beautiful baby - the most amazing miracle! Her laughter and smiles make any day brighter, no matter what kind of day its been.

Grateful for a fantastic week with family. Such a great week together with many dinners, chats and laughs!

Grateful for a clean sink before I go to bed, laundry folded, and everything ready for church tomorrow! Love Sundays!!!

Good night friends!

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