Monday, November 16, 2009

Halifax Trip - Visits!

Saying goodbye to my parents, and Nanny at the airport, before heading back to Essex.
Dad and I at our Pizza Hut date (that's a tradition!) But this Pizza Hut was a more "take-out" style, so they give you plastic utensils. Dad ate part of the fork as you can see. He spit out one piece, but as you can see, one piece is still to this day..missing! LOL
Gotta love breadsticks with cheese! The MOST delicious thing in the world I think!
Nanny took me to a fabulous fish & chips restaurant in Truro when I was home. I believe it was voted to be the best fish & chip place in all of Canada. It was great!


amarea said...

I am with you on the breadsticks! My all-time favourite! I think the only sit down Pizza Hut left in HRM is over in Dartmouth now. :(

Shaun and Michelle Slauenwhite said...

I know! Only one sit down restaurant left! So sad :( We went to Young Street...and were shocked that it was like 1/5 of its original size! LOL

The Hill Family said...

First of all, Younge street Pizza Hut is take out style now??? That is very poopy!!!
Second of all, the story about the fork has me laughing hysterically! Oh dear... I hope your Dad is ok!! lol

Shaun and Michelle Slauenwhite said...

Yes, Young St. is just take out (with about 6 tables..but they give you paper plates and plastic utensils)! It's so bad! Only one spot left in Dartmouth with a real sit down area :(

Ya the fork thing was hilarious. Had to take a pic of that!